OBGYN Program

HOLA implemented the OBGYN program in late 2017, hiring Dr. Maria Teresa Zelaya Vasquez to work two mornings a week in the new clinic in the Raul Cabeza community complex in Chacraseca, Nicaragua. The program was designed to provide access to obstetric and gynecological services that would otherwise be unavailable to women in this community and was part of HOLA’s new focus on women’s health.

In its first two years the clinic proved to be a great success. In 2018, Dr. Zelaya conducted 564 patient consultations at the clinic with this

(Pre Natal vitamins and other supplies to be used in the clinic in Chacraseca)

number increasing to 576 in 2019 across almost 400 individual patients. The program has been well received by the community, by representatives from the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health (MINSA) and the Pan American Health Organization. Throughout this process, HOLA has worked in conjunction with MINSA to identify additional communities where these services could be especially valuable. In March, 2020 HOLA hired Dr. Leyla Maria Chevez Gonzalez to work two mornings a week in the at the MINSA clinic in La Leona increasing our estimated annual consultations to upward of 1,000..

(Dr. Zelaya, pictured right, alongside Dr. Chevez)

HOLA tracks patient data through its board led quality control committee, ensuring all our doctors are practicing to current WHO standards.

We intend to continue and expand these clinical efforts during the 2020 year by focusing on three approaches:

•    Increasing access to health care services

•     Improving care coordination

•     Enhancing and supporting existing health care infrastructure.

By year’s end HOLA plans to hire a third OBGYN to work in an additional, MINSA approved, community.